Our Story

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Welcome to Handprint

We are a Talent Engine serving the next economy, we run the go-to platform for anyone who wants to find a job at a conscious company. Handprint exists to connect those looking for meaningful work with conscious companies that need their talents, energy, and unique strengths. Launched in 2020, Handprint exclusively serves companies with a mission that’s about more than money because we believe it’s time for a more thoughtful approach to business.

Handprint knows that it’s easier to maintain engagement and enthusiasm when your work ties to a purpose that drives you. It is not crazy to want an engaging job at a company you love and believe in. We are all more productive and fulfilled when we can use our unique strengths and talents in the work we do every day. And that’s pretty important because we have some urgent and vital work to do to address the environmental and social issues we’re facing.

At Handprint, we believe in a world where:

  • We don’t hate our jobs!
  • Work is meaningful, inspired, and aligned with our values.
  • Potential is maximized because we’re aligned around a purpose greater than ourselves.
  • We work at a company that’s a great fit in a role that allows us to contribute.

If you have any questions or wish to share any feedback with the Handprint team, please drop us a note anytime – hello@handprintco.com

Our Story

When it comes to jobs, we believe that many people are seeking deeper purpose, inspiration, and connectivity. We believe employee engagement matters, and we want to live in a world where employees care about the company they work for and use their talents every day. We realized that there is no platform devoted to career opportunities at purpose-driven businesses alone and that problem inspired two friends to build Handprint.

  • 30K Compines
  • 25K Job Seekers
  • 2410 Jobs Posts
  • 50K Resumes

Handprint Statistics

Whether you’ve come to browse the current job openings, post an opportunity, or you’re simply here to check out our resources and inspiring interviews, welcome! We’re glad you’re here.


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How is Handprint Different?

Handprint is different for 4 reasons.

  • We focus on the whole person, including identifying what each individual values in work.
  • We only work with Conscious Companies.
  • We use a Hire Fair Filter.